The Constant One

They say it’s the greatest bond in the world. Unlike any other relationship, you choose it and that person without any intervention of any third person or being. Yeah, that’s Friendship that I’m talking about.

I am an emotional person and just like many other emotional people, I have a sensitive heart and mind, I think, sometimes overthink and panic my heart out and honestly have found very few people in my life who understand this situation of me.

Going through anxiety is tough, it’s a journey that runs parallel to everyday struggle of living & sustaining a life. I have had days when I’ve cried for no reason and for reasons enough for anyone to lose their shit but at the end of the day, there were only fewer people who remained by my side. I’m in a way proud to say that when I’ll be lost again, I know which of these people will always listen to me and understand my pain. Without trying to pressure their expectations on me in that moment when I’ll need a shoulder to cry upon and without questioning my intentions.

It’s funny how people refer to their certain someone as a bff {hest friend forever} or a constant, to me, if you haven’t been honest and empathetic with someone to an extent that you bear with their struggle, you shouldn’t even call yourself a friend. Having said that I nowhere want to say that this should be implied to every person or in any situation. Of course, we are human at the end of the day and we all need attention and love.

And to me, I will always remember this one person who without complaints, without being irritated, bearing through my anxious struggle and days full of behaviour that would be termed as ‘pain in the ass’, still stood by me. I love you with all my heart. In truer sense there is no such constant than you are and shouldn’t be if they can’t reach your level.

Flawed or not, if they stand by you, they are your constant.


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