Woman and Proud | Happy Women’s Day 🌼

She is fire, she is ice,

She is naive but is wise.

She is a believer of love and,

And she is the one who sacrifice.

She is a goal digger with a mind that won’t rest.

She is an epitome of brilliance with an ass that won’t quit.

She loves, she cares and she travels any length,

She knows what she wants and believes in her self.

She make her own rules and she rules,

Be it right or wrong, she never lose her cool.

She is up every hour to turn the tables round,

She has got this amazing aura which turns the world around.

She laughs, be it loud or shrill,

She never give-up on what the world thinks.

She wears what she likes,

Be it a hijab or a bikini, she always thrives.

She supports all, the men, women and kids all around,

She isn’t the one to pull the other down.

She grows and glows and hustle and fight,

She knows all chaos and yet shines bright.

The world goes shallower and she swims through it all,

She’s the lady boss who is calm, who prays and uses her wit, be it a discussion or a brawl.

She is worshipped, she is touched, she is pinched and is punched,

Yet she is the one who holds the world in her womb, she gives life and she bears it with pride.

She fights with all the evils, for her self and for others,

She is brave and she never submits to societal troubles.

She is not comparing herself with anyone but her own,

Equality and recognition is what intrests her, she’s not the one to hold back when it’s wrong.

She is weird, she is queer, she is selfish for her happiness,

And who wouldn’t do it for her if not she for herself.

She wears bindi, she wears tattoos and she flaunts the ring on her bellybutton,

And even if she does nothing, she is beautiful and she knows.

She is me, she is you and that every women around, who puts her best feet forward be it any ground,

She is a lover, a wife, a mother, a sister, a boss, a lady, an achiever and most of all, she is a WOMAN.

Having the privilege to be surrounded by such women is a blessing, feel fortunate if you have atleast one women in your life.

Look at her and feel inspired because a woman’s life is full of struggles – they can be huge or small but whatever size they may be, see her how she fights all of them and maintains a smile when she greets you.

Do not mistake her smile for her weakness or her tears for being frail, it’s her way to release all the negativity out of her self.

And remember when she is done, she’ll come back and then there will be no stopping her.

Happy Women’s Day 🌼


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