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If You Really Love Someone, Don’t Give Up On Them. Don’t Let Them Go.

Humans aren’t stupid, although I call them that every day, grumbling about the idiocy everywhere. People always know when they are in love. There is no such thing as true love and false love. It’s love. You could be the most cold-hearted realist or you may be the scientist who thinks that love is just dopamine-fired neural pathways.

But when “that person” walks into your peripheral vision, you know that it’s more than just dopamine.

How many times has this scenario of your love walk into the room, been written in beautiful words? Why? Because people know. It wouldn’t be the most sought after resource on the planet if people didn’t know.

You know when you are in love.

Then why would you let “that person” go?

Imperfections are just that – imperfections.

“He won’t stop smoking”

But does that cigarette make him a different person? His bitter cigarette mouth still takes you to the rainbows when you kiss him.

“She drinks too much”

Her hair feels as warm and soft when you are holding her by the commode when she is puking. And you don’t feel at all disgusted when the puke hits the pot.

Imperfections are what makes the person perfect. There is no one out there with the perfections you crave for.
That person by your side with the toothy grin or the huge scar is the perfect imperfection.

It will never be the same

All the stolen kisses in crowds and the bodies held tightly against each other will never feel the same. Ever. Even with another person, however handsome or beautiful he/she is. Every touch feels a bit too warm or too cold. Every hug too tight or too loose. Every kiss will leave you incomplete. You will never do the same things with someone else, even if you do them all over again.

Because the heart remembers.

No, it’s not gonna be OK

You will fall in love again, yes you have a partner for life. You learned your lesson and now you truly want to settle down? Why didn’t you do it with that person earlier? No. It’s not because you weren’t ready. You were just too afraid.

Your brain is smart. It will reassure you and rationalize that you needed that as a stepping stone, like that experience of a heartbreak was necessary because you are a better person now because of it.

No. Your present commitment will always be a shadow compared to the non-commitment you had with that person. You can deny it all you want, but when you are alone, ask yourself the question. From the far recesses of your being will come the true reply, not clothed in flawed logic and rationales.

You will regret it

We hide our instincts under the garb of logic and reasoning. The moment you let that person go, you regret it. And no, it’s not a withdrawal symptom.

Withdrawal symptoms don’t last a lifetime.

When you are old and worn out with wrinkles and you see that person walk by the old street in the old town, your heart will scream. You will ignore it with wisdom and intelligence, but it is what it is.

Looking the other way doesn’t make the monster behind you disappear.

It’s just not right

Everyone deserves love. Everyone craves it. Even the monsters amidst us. It is the absence of love that creates them.
You found it. You, a normal person. You are living with love.

Taking yourself away or letting it go away is just wrong. For you and for that person too. Because you deserve the fullness of it, even if it tastes sour every once in a while. Especially, if it tastes sour every once in a while.

No one likes everything to be too sweet for too long.

Watch the imperfections, the quirks and the weirdness of that person you love. Watch them for two minutes.
In your head, just take these imperfections away for two seconds, and that person isn’t the person you fell in love with anymore.

Go the distance, make sacrifices, because unlike careers and yachts and money and a big house, love lasts forever.
Even when you think it doesn’t exist in denial, it will. It’s what love is.

Don’t let it go. And if you have lost it, go, get it back.

Courtesy: Storypick


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