Excerpts From My Circadian Bliss

Learnings From My Marketing-Job Hiccup

You know, it is often said that whatever you do in life, you will always meet two kind of people who will either criticize you or will encourage you. And in my case as well, I got to experience both of the kinds.

Last one year of my job has been extremely rewarding, and I’m not just talking about monetory growth or professional learning, rather more importantly the positive experience I have gained over the months.

Being in the advertising & marketing industry, you can hardly take out time for yourself or focus on your personal goals, and I being a total workaholic and perfectly-organised maniac, dived into this ocean of work and was trying to swim harder every day. Days used to end with work and nights used to start with work. There were hardly any holidays or leisure moments except those precious little tea-breaks. Yet, I would say that the life was teaching so much.

It was almost the mid July that I got made responsible for a project that had high stakes on it, involved influential people from all around the world, working for the betterment of the society. The first thought on my mind was “wow”. I mean who could’ve thought that I will get to associate with such an individual or a project.

The project kick-started and so did my horror ride, much to my surprise, the people whom I had to deal with for everyday work and managing things weren’t so keen on letting someone else take the lead. With all my strength and the support of my mentors and friends I took steps only to be pushed further down. You know sometimes managing clients isn’t that easy, we all must have experienced one such client in our life that is different in more than one way from the rest. But with this one, I had no idea that there was a storm waiting for me ahead.

The journey spanning around 6 months came to an end and all of the challenges started falling away, the details of which will always stay in my heart, mind and soul but few things that I want to share from this phase of my life is:

  • Humility is the way to achieve success, but sometimes it is important to show your fierce self
  • It’s good to show your fierce self during your job days but just think how great the results will be if you do it for your personal growth
  • Never trust anyone but yourself
  • Intution speaks well, follow it
  • Wolf under the sheep’s skin cannot always hide
  • Your actions portray your character well

Having said and written all of the above, I wholeheartedly agree to the fact that anyone can pull you down, or at least try to frame you in a bad light or do pretentious things to prove a point, but your true self always attracts positivity and will keep on attracting positive people and meaningful conversations to your way.

At some point, I did lose hope but then I let go of my self along with all the negative elements or words or experiences, today I just have the learning and that gives me hope and positivity to go on with life with much more grace and self worth.

There’s one more reason I feel ever so positive, and that involves the way those who meant nothing to me, to whom I meant nothing came and praise me, if not on my face then among my peers. Such people are gems, keep them close, I just got lucky because they are now, my friends.

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