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Career Years or Anxiety & Fears!… Well, both.

“la, la, la,…la, date tonight!”

“Oh! Not tonight. This office work is taking my life.”

~Silent Sobs~

If you gave a nod to this convo which I had with my self on one terrible day then yes you are in the same phase as I am.

Soon after completing my graduation I started looking for jobs that could feed my creative soul. Being a journalism graduate, there was so much passion in my eyes while my mind was always weaving thoughts of my bright nearing future. While I hardly knew what ruckus actually awaited me ahead.

My first job as a Social Media Executive made me learn that I could do wonders with the right knowledge of social tools and believe me I was flying high (because as a matter of fact, I had a small job role) until I changed my job and got into a bigger agency.

Things were a rollercoaster as I progressed towards the utterly tiring life. It was just a beginning until my next job with much bigger role. While I was just a graduate with hardly 2 years of industry’s experience, I got a hold of one big client, and since that day I haven’t known what comfort feels like.

Overhours are part of daily cycle, sticking to fast food became the daily buffet and dealing with stress became my area of expertise (though I’m still not perfect here).

This everyday bhasad is what keeps me going and has kept me ticking. Some say, this is how you learn, others say, this is how you earn. For me I’m still trying to figure out the survival.

20s are a weird phase of life when you’re stuck between being an adult and a teenager. With people being competitive, competition soaring high, envious looks and fragile egos, it becomes all the more complicated.

But one thing that I’ve understood is that you can cry, scream, run, jump, laugh at yourself, pull your hair (may be) but can’t get away with it.

It’s simple.

If you want to achieve something big, you gotta sacrifice a lot.

Here’s wishing best of luck to all those who are trying to calm down and master the survival amidst all this chaos.

Good luck 😊


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