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Who Are We To Judge?

Do you remember your school days? Do you remember passing a nasty comment to that fat guy sitting alone or hitting the thinnest kid in the stomach? Do you remember back-bitching about the topper for being so nerd or thinking how does that poor guy is friends with that rich group {thinking may be he wants monetary favors}?

Agree or not, we all have at some point made unnecessary opinions about people who we hardly know. Be it about their looks, their friend circle, their socializing skills, drinking or smoking habits, their apparel choices, the way they choose to live their life or if they are interactive enough or not.

Tell me one thing, does it matter? Does it matter to make opinions about people you don’t understand, what they wear, be with, speak to or eat is their personality and there’s a reason that they have evolved this way!

I can tell because I have seen two people who started their lives as equals but today their life has turned out to be completely different.

Here’s a sum-up of their life that I have witnessed right before me –

blog 9.b.jpgIn both Ritu & Kia’s cases, if we get an XYZ person to analyse their personalities on the basis of their looks, conversations and confidence, there’s a higher chance that everyone would love to be associated with Ritu, while Kia would be liked by mere few.

Now some will think that Ritu is charming, smart, qualified, rich, classy and always bears a smile, while others will say Kia looks disinterested all the time, her face is dull, less interactive and is a loner,  but no one will really know the inside story of Kia’s life.

The point is, we all are living under the same sun but it’s not obvious that we share the same amount of sunshine or the comforts.

Every heart beats differently, every wrinkle has witnessed a different curve, every blabber speaks a story, each clumsy hand has touched many difficulties, and every rough heel speaks volumes for miles that someone has walked and thus we all breathe, speak, move, act differently…

No one choose to remain sad & disturbed. Situations differ and thus personalities differ.

And believe me if we all had a choice, there wouldn’t be a single least fortunate, sad person on earth. If you are fortunate enough to have every thing that you desire, be thank full. But just because you have everything doesn’t mean you will judge someone for not being the same way as you expect.

Appreciate diversity. Let everyone be the way they want to, passing a judgement won’t make you a better person but just accepting someone the way they are or simply by minding your own business would definitely add value to your life.

You are not expected to provide favors to someone and neither expected to make an opinion out of very little information that you possess. No body expects you to know each & every detail of their life, respect that, respect their privacy. Set examples for others to follow rather than provoking unnecessary criticism.

Words hurt deeper than sorrows.

You have power over your words, choose them wisely. Live and let live. 🙂


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