Once someone said, “the worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why”. As someone who’s befriended by anxiety, I can very well relate to this quote. That’s exactly what happens when you can’t put your feelings in to words.

In means to achieve a no question-answer session explaining why, what and how part of your worry, you start avoiding people and what follows next is more heartbreaking.

You tend to lose connections, conversations, friends, your work life seems like a mess, love never feels like love and you sink deeper and deeper and more deeper…

It is hard to stop just like it is hard to explain. The dejection is so extreme that the path to over come it looks blurry. It is hard and it is not a joke.

For those who enjoy every second of their life without falling prey to any of this are lucky and in some corner of your mind you envy them for that.

Living in the moment – looks like luxury, you can’t afford.

It’s difficult & painful. The most closer ones, even your parents think that you are just being dramatic about everything in life. When in doubt you go to your special someone, but for someone who doesn’t understand what they are dealing with, fails to provide you the comfort that you are looking for. And what remains with you is the feeling that your pain doesn’t affect anyone.

There’s no probable cure to  move out of that void, the only way to compress it a bit is by spending time in your own company. But that at times reduces you into a loner, and thus the cycle keeps going on.

For all those who are reading this, I request you to start indulging in conversatios with all those who are closer to you because you might not know who is having all these thoughts intertwined like a puzzle in their minds. Many are deeply broken and are may be faking a smile. Look beyond their laughter if you truly care.

Honestly, this may cost you time, because digging out somebody’s darkest fears takes a lot of effort and I believe those who really care, really put it well.

Look for signs, show them that you care, your reassurance matters, you might never know but your small gesture may help someone come out of this sadness. There’s no denying in the fact that those who are going through all this give you a hard time, they’ll crank-up, irritate, may not respond but don’t take this behavior as rudeness.

Love, that’s all we need at the end of the day. There’s already so much hate in this world, we all have somehow become sensitive to no, we can’t bear rejection, but sometimes efforts make it all a worthwhile experience.

If it matters, do it. Keep the hope up. 🙂


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