Beyond the discomfort of physical pain, what hurts one more is the psychological pain. Pain of emotions, driven by feelings, lots of them.

I often wonder will there be a single day when I’m not hurt?

Because we feel, we feel everything. We feel love, we want to be loved, we want to be wanted. And what happens when we do not get any of this?

Pain. There’s no way one can stop this. Our emotions are our own but the people and things we have them for are not. Just like us they have their aspirations and may be, that does not align with ours.

Yes, it’s disheartening to know & feel altogether. This gives us pain. Can we make it stop?

No, not really. But surely we can channelize it to boost our productivity.

How? When we do not get the loving that we want, we break down but interestingly, this implies that there is so much room for improvement in us as an individual and also, so much space in our lives for people who we should actually be with.

I simply do not believe in breaking the ties but drifting away from useless relationships that give us so much pain is much better than cribbing & crying.

Trust me, it feels liberating. So what are the options we have? Either liberate yourself from this pain or evolve with it. One way or the other, make a choice. Though, pain will be there but you can surely control its intensity.

Just remember,

…pain is more like a sign to remind us that something crucial must be changed.

Good luck 🙂


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