If you ask me to define hope, I’d say it is the most powerful notion in the world and should be the most fierce emotion in the world too.

You’d ask me why, because one can break someone’s bones, put a knife through their body, bar them from eating, drain them with abuses, but will never be able to take away hope from them. Hope, that there is sun after the darkness, peace after the war, rain after the drought and there is light at the end of every dark tunnel.

You can never take away from someone that firm want of standing through the hurdles. Hope is so powerful that no abuse is long enough to break it, it is brutal for the wicked – it is unbreakable and needs no external support.

Hope in itself is a never ending support.

So, when in doubt next just remember, life will never remain same. It’s painful today, it will be love next and pain again the day after that but it will change, it is constantly evolving. And among this chaos if there’s something that can enlighten your mind, then it is hope.

Keep it, nurture it and build it but never lose the hope.


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