My Thoughts Here

Don’t Let It Bother

Does it bother you everyday? Every minute and every second of the day? Is it worth enough to put your entire strength, both mental and physical whining about it? Does taking so much pain in trying to figure out a way will actually show you a way out?

The point is, whatever is bothering you, will stop eventually. You will put effort but that effort will drain you empty if applied with stress & angst.

Move over it, give yourself some time to let go of its pain and then put your mind to process it.

I know it is the most important thing which is pestering you so much. Only one who go through it, truly know the pressure. But trust your self and the good deeds you have done. It will pay off. There will be good times.

Right at this moment, it’s just your struggle which you need to take up with a calm mind & heart.

Do not let the difficulty overpower your sobriety.

Right things happen with patience and the way you have led your life to this day speak volumes of tolerance you have shown. Do not let temporary weaknesses become permanent hurdles.

Have faith and believe in yourself; make more room for happiness, it will sway away the pain.🍁

Because when you open the door for positivity to enter, it automatically draws every wrong out of your system.

Agreed, it is hard but it is not impossible. Try it!


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