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What Happens When Everything Hurts

Love & happiness never come easy but when they do, that too in your life when you’ve always witnessed things breaking apart, it becomes difficult to accept it.

It’s not your fault to deny that love but your mind & heart resist it and tags it as a favour that people are doing on you. You tend to push away your loved ones and corner yourself from every happiness, activity, gesture, thinking it as a potential threat.

Dealing with stress becomes more stressing, you tend to overthink and over react. You feel that your friends, family and lover are like a burden on your soul, rather you feel like a burden on them.

You know, this is wrong. But that unidentified urge to secure yourself from a potential heartbreak, breaks you more. You become more vulnerable to pain. Pain that nobody understands, no body believes.

It slowly kills you from inside and yet people just say, “you think too much”.

People tell you to meditate, inhale & exhale, exercise and invest your time in things that add value to your life. But how can someone achieve all this when they are stuck in the first gear of disbelief?

Disbelief that whatever you will do, it will turn into a nightmare. How to overcome that fear? Is there a way out? Probably staying in the company of your dear ones help. You need their constant hold, their console, comfort and assurance that whatever happens, they are there to support you.

At times they fail you and that’s the time when you push them away.

See, there’s no way out. It’s you against everything in the end. So pull up your socks!

We all know that it’s hard, it’s painful, it hurts, but it’s only you who can stand for yourself. People will try to comprehend but beyond that they will and can only pretend.

Ultimately you have to nail this to your heart, that this is life and it is ruthless, may be more for you but you have to mould it to an extent it turns into a worthwhile experience.

So hold on to hope…

Stand strong and live long. It is just a phase and it will end. Cheers! 🍃


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