My First Snow!

Born and brought-up in Delhi, I never had seen snow or even a hint of mountain ice except the ones I found in my freezer.

This had been on my mind ever since I was a child. Right from the school, I had a deep urge to reside among the mountains and experience its magnificence, its peace and more than that the beautiful-majestic isolation that it offers.

Finally last year, in February my dream came true as I packed my bags to explore the very beautiful Manali hills. The journey was good 9 hours long but when we arrived and the moment I opened my eyes to catch a glimpse of the area, it was all white.

The Road To Serenity
Solang Valley – Manali

Right from the roads, to the trees, shops, chairs & tables to the very top of the buildings, everything was covered under white, dream-like blanket. I couldn’t possibly see from where the mountains begun and where they just dissolved into the sky.

Me – Lost In The Snow

Needless to say, the peace was in every bit of that place, from the snowflakes to the winds and everywhere else. You can sit idle for hours and look in the depth for as long as you can. The mountains won’t ask you to keep moving fast. Life seems slow, devoid of all the ills.

There is positivity beyond you can imagine (from the busy city life) and there is calm which can be found nowhere.

And may be, there is no thrill in getting high, it’s just in the heights – the mountain heights! ❤


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