My Thoughts Here


You, you are hurt now, you may be weak, you may be crying, but remember always that it’s not the pain that hurts but the betrayal does. It’s not the tears that roll out of your eyes but the burden of broken relations that hastens from your very face.

Remember, it’s not your defeat that triggers the discomfort in your heart, but it is the beginning of your life’s new chapter that will foresee your triumph; no, you were not wasted; you are given a re-birth to walk the earth like a tigress that fears none…

You are the queen of your world, you shall hear no ill, that it’s your choice to flout what doesn’t matter and keep what’s yours, and it’s your choice to pull the trigger against all odds that stop you from rising above the tasteless life and fight for your ambitions.

Remember it is stoppable, it is unnecessary and you need not stay there protecting the modesty of impertinent beings & beliefs, respect your mind, respect your thoughts, respect your body, worship yourself, there’s no god bigger than your self-worth & pride, protect that instead.

For world will may change or remain same, but your journey should be crafted by your passions and not by some pointless rants. A ‘no’ is enough, move alone, and let others pity you, for they don’t know that it’s their loss and not yours.

You are whole in yourself and you need none but your perseverance and hope. You, you are the life giver, you can bear any pain, you can start what you choose and put an end to what doesn’t belong to your soul.

You can do anything and you must know that!


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